The Great British Bake Off

The long-running British baking competition series is back on track after a few rocky seasons.
The show’s executive producer acknowledged the widespread criticism of recent seasons, promising a “warmer, kinder, sillier” show when it returns this fall.
Fans are already theorizing the famous couple is participating in a celebrity edition of the beloved show.
“He was so angry with me,” Leith stated of the Italian who helped her. “He said, ‘You tourists, you risk your lives. You could have drifted all the way to Corsica!'"
The Mexican Week fiasco was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the show's problems.
The disclosure came after the episode set for release in the U.S. on Friday.
“The Great British Bake Off” judge explained to HuffPost why she wrote about the “traumatic experience” in her new memoir.
"the uk needs to legalise weed so the great british bake off can have edibles week"
The "Brokeback Mountain" star says he is “mesmerized” by judge Prue.