The Great British Bake Off

"the uk needs to legalise weed so the great british bake off can have edibles week"
The "Brokeback Mountain" star says he is “mesmerized” by judge Prue.
The "His Dark Materials" actor made a "delicious" lemon meringue pie, "perfect" scones, and even a cute cake that looked like a snow leopard.
The “Star Wars” actor’s pride in her lumpy and “chewy” sponge made quite a splash on Twitter.
The baker talked to HuffPost about filming her new Netflix show, "Nadiya Bakes," under COVID-19 protocols and how she deals with imposter syndrome.
"Who wouldn’t want immunity from COVID-19 with a painless jab?" the 80-year-old Prue Leith said.
"Selena: The Series" is the most popular show or movie on the service.
"Song Exploder" returns with Dua Lipa and The Killers.
"The Crown" and "The Queen's Gambit" take the throne.
The challenges are increasingly bizarre, but the show still brings comfort and offers a modicum of regularity in these very irregular times.
Your friend who's really into baking just might knead these gifts.
"The Haunting of Bly Manor" tops the list.
Episodes of the show's newest season, produced under strict COVID-19 protocols, will again premiere weekly on Netflix, concurrent with its U.K. broadcast.
Many members of the show's Season 5 made a wedding cake for Martha Collison's nuptials.
“Reminds me of 'Rocky,'” said contestant Jon Jenkins after he downed a whole lot of protein.
From Imogen and Cressida to Alfie and Jasper.
After an extended break, the "Great British Bake-Off"--everyone's favorite slow-paced, well-natured, not-at-all-cutthroat reality show--returns next week for its seventh season.
The one thing these stories all have in common: they were surprises. Nobody expects love to strike -- it just does, which is a little crazy, since those meetings are among the most important of our entire lives.