The Late Show

The vice president turns out to be corrupt AND dumb in a mock "Late Show" game.
The MSNBC host explained why she thinks impeachment is inevitable on "The Late Show."
Pity the president who doesn't take this advice.
The "Late Show" host trolls the president and one of his sons at the same time.
The "Late Show" host also makes an offer for some "senseless" gun control legislation.
"So, is Fox News’ motto, ‘We report and decide before the thing’s over?'"
The Democratic presidential candidate also explained to "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert why he doesn't hesitate to call President Donald Trump a racist.
"The Late Show" host dished some all-American advice for the Democratic hopefuls.
"The Late Show" dinged President Donald Trump's aide over her Hatch Act violations.
Ash Carter announced the lifting of the ban during the Obama administration in 2016. It has since been reimposed by Trump.
"The Late Show" host also accused the president of "leaning into the evil" with his administration's new policy for unaccompanied immigrant children.
The British actress plays a late-night host in the new Mindy Kaling-written movie "Late Night."
Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and James Corden somehow found the funny in the president's hectic actions.