The Late Show

The "Late Show" called out the senator for staying loyal to Donald Trump, even after he criticized his wife and spread a conspiracy theory about his dad.
"The Late Show" host gave those charged in the pro-Trump insurrection 15 more minutes of infamy in his "Seditionist Roundup."
"Soon May The Hangover Come" leads to another super bowl -- of the porcelain kind.
"The Late Show" summed up the Georgia lawmaker's conspiracy theories in a catchy tune.
The "Late Show" host fact-checks the South Carolina senator.
The "Late Show" brings Laura Benanti back as the first lady for a not-so-fond farewell.
The "Late Show" host said this is a sign the president is really bad at his job.
The "Late Show" host also brought back his "Don And The Giant Impeach" segment.
The "Late Show" host rips the right-wing network for peddling the president's conspiracy theories for years.