The Late Show

“I know this sounds really far out, and I don’t know if it’s real or not... but that somehow seems like maybe it happened,” he said.
"The Late Show" host zinged Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump in predicting things "we're pretty sure could happen" while Hollywood writers are on strike.
The host of "The Late Show" couldn't wait to say this.
Laura Benanti zinged Donald Trump over and over again in her return to Stephen Colbert's show as the bogus former first lady.
The "Late Show" host went after the Fox News boss ahead of the company's defamation trial.
Stephen Colbert asked the prolific actor for his picks on "The Late Show."
The "Late Show" host mocked Trump's post-arraignment "angry rally" at his Florida resort.
"It’s never a good sign when there are fewer people at your current rally than are in prison for your last one,” the "Late Show" host joked.
The "Late Show" host also offered a potential bright side for the indicted former president.
The likely 2024 GOP presidential candidate referred to Russia’s war in Ukraine as not one of America’s “many vital national interests."