The Masked Singer

"They won’t even let you order room service," the talk show host told "Late Night" comedian Seth Meyers.
"How am I supposed to guess that??" one viewer complained.
Niecy Nash reportedly will temporarily guest host Fox's singing competition following Cannon's coronavirus diagnosis.
The TV host and his longtime partner shared the good news on Instagram: "The best gift ever."
The Grammy-winning singer under the "Sun" costume said in an interview after the win that the show was a "a beautiful experience."
Fans weren't about to let the ex-jock forget about his historically inept play.
The celebrity became the first contestant to eliminate himself from Fox's wacky competition.
As QI resumed filming in front of an audience on Monday, there's still hope Strictly will open the ballroom doors to the public this year.
The celebrity competition said goodbye to one of its more popular contestants.
The costumed celebrity competition has been whittled down to the Super Nine.
"So is Twitter freaking out yet?" the celebrity wrote after her reveal on the show.
Amid the coronavirus chaos, let's not forget the moment we all heard the former Alaska governor sing "Baby Got Back."
When it came down to crunch time, Banana, Frog and Kitty were still standing in Fox's costumed competition.
The celebrity competition again showed that it's got no mercy toward entertainers who are incredibly good at what they do.
"I'll never do anything like that again," the eliminated star said.
Llama said he wanted to be the GOAT, but went out like a lamb on Fox's masquerade competition.
The winner called the experience the "most amazing" ... and "weirdest."
It's down to Fox, Flamingo and Rottweiler in next week's grand finale.
Fox's masquerade competition is down to five celebrities in the semifinals.