The Masked Singer

Fox's musical masquerade sent home two celebrities who share a show in their past.
Another celebrity bites the dust on Fox's masquerade competition.
Fox's offbeat costume party eliminated the off-key contestant in a battle against Flower, Penguin and Fox.
Another celebrity had to bear the disappointment of exiting the kooky Fox masquerade.
"G'day, mates," the actress says in an Instagram video.
The "Fox NFL Sunday" host later apologized for his "insensitive remark."
The Bee, Peacock and Monster take it off -- and one was crowned champion.
Television critics discuss why the haunting singing competition on Fox is the best way to rot your brain since hard drugs.
Her powerful family ties couldn't save her from elimination.
Only panelist Robin Thicke correctly guessed who she was and didn't have to eat crow.
The mystery performer was a familiar face for fans of '90s television.
Marina Toybina has designed costumes for everyone from Taylor Swift to Pineapple.
One panelist worked closely with the star and regretted not figuring it out.
The year 2018 was a surreal freak show of epic proportions. But with Fox's latest reality singing competition show, 2019 boldly says “hold my mask.”