The Office

"The Office" star first met Hamm when she was in her early teens.
"The Office" star's soul-baring about his youth revealed a whole another dimension to his life in show business.
The actor said he spent a lot of time wondering why he wasn’t a movie star, and would ask himself, “Why am I not the next Jack Black or the next Will Ferrell?"
Kaling, who wrote for and acted in the beloved series, says she thinks this is “one of the reasons the show is popular” to stream.
The internationally recognizable actor said his daughters think he works in an actual office — rather than having launched a fruitful career on the famous show.
Kaling tells Marie Claire that her "Office" co-star and former beau enjoys a "great relationship" with daughter Katherine, 4, and son Spencer, 1.
In their new book, actors Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey detailed cast members "flying" inside a swerving bus.
During the coronavirus pandemic, people have taken to their couches to watch the classic movies and the latest television shows which can help them deal with what is going on in the world.