The Oscars

The Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences is still planning to hold the 2021 Oscars in person at the Dolby Theatre.
The delayed 2021 ceremony will be an "in-person telecast," according to an academy spokesperson.
The "Hillbilly Elegy" star and seven-time Oscar nominee dissed Paltrow's Academy Award for "Shakespeare in Love."
The seasoned actor could win her first Academy Award for a movie with little redeeming value. It doesn't have to be like this.
Netflix, Amazon and their competitors have been steadily wooing Oscar voters for the past several years. Now the courtship is turning into a full-blown marriage.
This will be the most unconventional Oscar derby in decades. Maybe that's a good thing.
The "Monster's Ball" star lamented to Variety that she remains the only Black woman to win the Best Actress Academy Award.
The "Look Who's Talking" actor called efforts to improve inclusion among Academy Award nominees a "disgrace to artists everywhere."
Effective 2024, the new rules are meant to encourage equitable representation on screen and off, as the Academy has long weathered criticism for a lack of diversity.
The 30-year-old is the youngest to create the Academy Awards set. That brought him a second Emmy nod and has fueled his drive for inclusivity in entertainment.