The Oscars

“I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times,” the comedian and late-night talk show host said.
The EGOT winner famously wore a dark purple and lime green jumpsuit to the 65th Academy Awards.
McDaniel's life and legacy will be celebrated in October at a ceremony called, "Hattie’s Come Home," hosted at Howard University.
The "Milk" actor, who has his own history of violence, raged at the Oscar winner over the 2022 incident.
Some award shows have already made the shift, including the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the Gotham Awards and the Film Independent Spirit Awards.
“That s**t is not in the movie! And I know why it’s not. Because it wasn’t my movie, and they weren’t trying to make me a star,” said Jackson.
After repeated snubs by the academy in acting categories, the “Black Panther” actor will receive an honorary statuette for her contributions to the film industry.
The Oscar-winning actor invited outrage after complaining he’d never get to portray a Black man.
The actor said new standards on diversity and inclusion make him want to "vomit."
The actor and entrepreneur recalled her first brush with negativity as a celebrity.