The Recessionary Arts

"The idea of growing up there and losing it all -- I think about that and all the other stories. It makes it very powerful
Much like South Park's Underpants Gnomes, arts projects may have a clear idea of what they're putting into the process and what they hope to get out of it, but a much vaguer sense of how they're going to get from Phase 1 to Phase 3.
Why am I home right now, attempting to be a writer instead of wailing my guts out somewhere in an opera? Well, I was supposed to have a gig this spring with San Antonio Opera. Except San Antonio Opera filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and no longer exists.
References Unemployment and underemployment have soared across the country, architecture firms have shrunk, and jobs are
"In essence I'm a sort of Main Street portrait photographer, only the clients are dealing with homelessness and poverty when
The film may not answer those questions, but it explores how residents of Lodz and Detroit try to answer and adapt to these
By supporting a local arts organization, a bank helps ensure the survival of a strong community ecosystem while at the same time raising its own profile in the business community. That's the equation. If we don't want to traffic in that equation, we shouldn't accept the support.
Like most actors and many Americans, I'm unemployed. Right now, the country is running an 8.6 percent unemployment rate.
By Adam W. McCoy For the January show, the Players are teaming up with Champion's new theater venture, Cream City Theater
"More American Photographs" is on display at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, through Dec. 17. A
People who think the arts ecology will return to what it was when the recession finally ends are setting themselves up for major disappointment. Those who do not prepare for a new world order are not acting in the best interests of their organizations.
When the arts are raised in the context of the recession, the discussion usually hits two extremes -- "saving" them, or slashing their funding -- neither of which is as compelling to explore as the arts themselves.
It doesn't take much to make experimental music; forget the wah-wah pedals or the synthesizer, all you need is a roll of