The Simpsons

Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover and Ophelia McCaulk were some of the names submitted for public comment at a school board meeting in Henrico County, Virginia.
Hank Azaria said he wants to apologize to “every single Indian person in this country” for voicing Apu on “The Simpsons” for nearly three decades.
"Part of me feels like I need to go around to every single Indian person in this country and personally apologize," said the "Simpsons" cast member.
The cartoon proved its clairvoyance again in foreshadowing the Texas senator's crisis-fleeing vacation, some fans say.
The cartoon oracle strikes again, thanks to Lisa Simpson.
Fans think they saw another case of cartoon clairvoyance from the long-running series.
Producers for "The Simpsons" said Black actors will voice Black characters moving forward.
A ceremony honoring students caused snickers when Gov. Tate Reeves was duped into reading a hilariously fake name.
The cartoon gazed into its crystal ball back in 1993 -- and nailed 2020.