The Simpsons

Producers for "The Simpsons" said Black actors will voice Black characters moving forward.
A ceremony honoring students caused snickers when Gov. Tate Reeves was duped into reading a hilariously fake name.
The cartoon gazed into its crystal ball back in 1993 -- and nailed 2020.
Thank goodness "The Simpsons" didn't diddly-do this.
Here is our ongoing collection of murals, posters and street art stencils supporting health care workers and calling out world leaders, including Donald Trump.
The internet hoax linking "The Simpsons" to coronavirus is "terrible," Bill Oakley said.
"Sooooo...I guess you haven’t seen this episode then...," one person on Twitter fired back at the secretary of state.
The character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon has been criticized for reinforcing Indian stereotypes.
Republicans are using a strategy straight out of the TV comedy.
Sometimes truth is stranger than animated fiction.