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The actor spoke to Jimmy Fallon about teaming up with the children's franchise in October for a spoof of "The Avengers."
Stewart also detailed the origin of her nativity set during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.
"The Tonight Show" host joked that he was part of a death hoax on Twitter in the past so this time around wasn’t as traumatic for him.
The former 'Tonight Show' host underwent surgery after suffering serious burns from a vintage car that erupted in flames in his garage.
“If you get close, I will break your jaw. I mean, I’m just telling you right now," warned the action movie star.
The comedian responded to being dubbed the most annoying contestant ever with a sarcastic "sorry" and a dig at GOP Senate candidate Mehmet Oz.
"The Tonight Show" host found ways to tie the former president to a Whopper and a "Halloween" villain in a segment on Thursday.
The singer and "Voice" coach appeared to be dead serious and said she was normally a skeptic.
"The Tonight Show" host mocked an ad from the House GOP that celebrated America's rich heritage while featuring clips from Europe.
Hamm recalled what happened behind the scenes following a 2010 Emmys sketch with the “Golden Girls” icon.