The Walking Dead

The actor said last month that her “fiercely stubborn” parents repeatedly turned down her help, and she had no idea they were without heat.
Police reportedly are investigating the circumstances around the actor's death.
Virus-spreading zombies on TV were no match for the existential dread caused by the coronavirus, the actor told Conan O'Brien.
"We’re definitely taking an opportunity, our writers, to let the world inform the show," actor Lauren Cohan told Conan O'Brien.
The real-life husband and wife are now playing a couple on the AMC zombie show.
Burton confirmed the news on Twitter, saying, "Been pretty hard to keep this a secret."
After a barrage of bullets, the only thing that had holes in it was "The Walking Dead" storyline.
Maggie returns in the upcoming season finale.
An exclusive clip from "The Walking Dead" episode "What We Become."