The X-Factor

The "X Factor" veteran has made her queer identity a part of her art for years, and her latest album is no exception.
Danni "The Tits" Minogue (read Simon Cowell's biography to find out why she's referred to as that - then try not to be sick
Josh Daniels gave the judges an audition they'll likely never forget.
Going meatless may be an ethical choice, environmental, or maybe it's about wellness, "but it can also be delicious. I believe that," says Page. "Ultimately, it gets down to pleasure. And flavor."
Bickram Ghosh: When the three of us sat together we realized that there was a palpable chemistry and we were even able to create the song "Jal De" in record time which then was used to create a reference mood by Mr. Malik when he started shooting.
The latest version of Band Aid 30's classic holiday charity song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" debuted on "The X Factor
After getting their start on the X Factor under the guidance of Simon Cowell (AKA The Man Who Founded One Direction), it became clear that these guys had serious talent (and looked gorgeous too).
The 11th season of "The X Factor" UK will premiere in 2014. "She will always be part of the 'X Factor' family," Cowell said
Do you think they deserved to win? SPOILER ALERT: Don't read on if you haven't seen "The X-Factor" Season 3 finale. Duo -- and