The X-Factor

The "X Factor" veteran has made her queer identity a part of her art for years, and her latest album is no exception.
Sharon Osborne probably won't be trusted around a glass of water for fear of her dashing it in either Simon or Louis' face
Going meatless may be an ethical choice, environmental, or maybe it's about wellness, "but it can also be delicious. I believe that," says Page. "Ultimately, it gets down to pleasure. And flavor."
Bickram Ghosh: When the three of us sat together we realized that there was a palpable chemistry and we were even able to create the song "Jal De" in record time which then was used to create a reference mood by Mr. Malik when he started shooting.
After getting their start on the X Factor under the guidance of Simon Cowell (AKA The Man Who Founded One Direction), it became clear that these guys had serious talent (and looked gorgeous too).
"She will always be part of the 'X Factor' family," Cowell said of Scherzinger. If you're hoping to see her behind the judge's
Duo -- and couple -- Alex & Sierra beat out rocker Jeff Gutt and vocalist Carlito Olivero to win "The X-Factor" Season 3
"They’re all different," he said. "You have the rocker with Jeff Gutt and sort of like the Latino Chris Brown with Carlito
Her mentor Demi Lovato's night just got worse, as it came down to a sing-off between Carlito Olivero and Rion Paige. After
Buddy TV's John Kubicek agreed, saying that a finale without the duo wouldn't even be worth watching. That finale comes in
Josh Levi continues to be one of the most impressive contestants on "The X Factor." Considering he was eliminated back in
TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments
"The X Factor" quickly went from a Top 12 to its Top 10 by eliminating two acts. First, the girl group Sweet Suspense was
This fall, Music Unites and I continue our resolve to keep music present in all of our minds and lives, and we have started a campaign to ask those around us to complete this phrase, "Music is my..." We really want people to think about it! What does music mean to you?
An "X Factor" glitch caused a bit of a headache for the Fox series. According to Deadline, the wrong numbers were displayed
Buddy TV's John Kubicek pointed out that it was kind of ridiculous to call a 50+ singer dated on a show that's doing a Motown
So did she cave to the pressure or follow her gut? We may never know. But Buddy TV's John Kubicek was suspicious of that