The critically acclaimed trans actor is challenging audiences — and casting directors.
Anaïs Mitchell's folk opera smash surprised no one by taking home the Best Musical award on Broadway's biggest night.
Michael McKeever’s devastating off-Broadway play is a modern morality tale about love, family and commitment.
A classically trained actor, Rain was one of the founders of the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada.
"To see my part being played, it makes you feel like you’re not crazy."
The show — part theater piece, part choral work — will debut in San Francisco.
In the era of MeToo, intimacy directors are more in demand than ever.
The "play with a musical" takes a satirical look at being Asian in modern America.
The new play depicts Tennessee Williams and William Inge as sexually charged (and non-white) rivals.
Prosecutors declined to investigate, saying the giveaway is protected as artistic expression.
A car drove through a red light and into a crowd of people in Brooklyn.
And even she struggles to understand the bigotry of our criminal justice system.
Lakeith Stanfield, Laura Dern and Keira Knightley were the toasts of the festival.
The 174-year-old group had previously only allowed women to participate behind the scenes.
The Tony-winning drama examines an early-20th century scandal in New York.
While allegedly violating young women, the actor used queerbaiting to paint himself a progressive artist.
The actor implied the accusations against Dustin Hoffman and Garrison Keillor were not entirely fair.
"People have been calling it the ‘Godfather: Part II’ of the family movie genre, which is praise indeed."