Titanic 3D

However, the roadblocks of being a young child and an actress didn't end there. "I was not allowed to see the movie when
It's probably always a good time to be James Cameron -- he's the king of the world and all -- but this week it's really good
Visitors learn the fate of the passenger they are assigned. I studied the face of Katherine Buckley, a 22-year-old Irish lass who didn't make it to America alive.
As someone who attends film festivals with relish, I still feel a terrible urge to expose the most overrated things in today's film industry.
One reason for Chinese interest in "Titanic" is that the populace was probably not inundated with endless TV specials about the doomed liner--its final hours...its big mystery ... the water-logged artifacts, etc. Many people here were "Titanic"-ed out by the time the 3D version opened.
“When I saw this article, I said, ‘Let’s write to him,’” she told Star News's Pressley Baird. “I just could not believe that
Considering the social unrest in the U.S. resulting from unwanted head massages during viewings of "Titanic 3D," we could
We all know what happens in Titanic. There were no surprises. Nothing had changed in the film, and the addition of 3D was meaningless. What had changed -- we suddenly realized -- was us.