Tom Cruise

The actor talked about starring opposite Cruise in "Mission: Impossible 2," saying he "wasn't horrible," but was "really stressed" on set.
The actor would use Musk's SpaceX rocket in the project, which is in the "early stages of liftoff," according to Deadline.
The former “Parks and Recreation” star recalls an encounter with a teenaged Cruise when the two had to share a hotel room.
Kilmer says he was just trying to break the ice... Iceman-style.
In a rare on-camera interview with "Good Morning America," the "Top Gun: Maverick" star also recalled his on-set reunion with Tom Cruise.
The actor's daughter with Tom Cruise is ringing in her big day in style.
The two high-profile Scientologists have been linked together in the tabloids for years.
His Maverick is as defiant as ever in the latest preview for the sequel.
The "Top Gun: Maverick" star was on a mission quite possible in Kiev.
The Oscar-winning actor was seen this past weekend with singer Sela Vave.