Tom Cruise

Ironically, Nick Cave's letter about how he doesn't want to be nominated for awards deserves its own award.
Kidman won the Best Actress award for "The Hours" not long after finalizing her divorce from Tom Cruise.
The actor filmed a rather intimate scene with the “Mission: Impossible 3” star on the first day of production right after her wedding.
The "Mission: Impossible" star is said to have shown support for Maha Dakhil after she came under fire for her Instagram posts.
"Renée [Zellweger] carried that romance subplot on her back. I didn't believe [Tom] Cruise was into her at all and the 'you complete me' scene is so cringey and unbelievable to me."
Cruise joined a June negotiation session via Zoom for what insiders described as an "uncomfortable" conversation.
The latest epic in the Tom Cruise-led action franchise rightly challenges the phenomenon of artificial intelligence and how it impacts our lives.
The Marvel star said Tom Cruise knew just the thing when she was experiencing exhaustion while shooting one of the film's wild sequences.
“Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning" director Chris McQuarrie recalled asking his longtime colleague to share the “weirdest story you’ve heard about yourself.”