Tom Hardy

A book for all of us hot and bothered for equal pay ... and Tom Hardy.
“Venom” also smashed the record for an October opening, topping the $55.8 million launch of “Gravity” by 43 percent.
Robin Williams and Tom Hardy are featured in this dark, wacky superhero romp.
The actor spoke recently about his "deeply private" friendship with the prince.
The new clip gives fans what they had been missing in a previous trailer.
They played superheroes on-screen, but even when the cameras stop rolling, these actors still save the day.
The cameras might stop rolling, but these actors never stop being real-life superheroes.
“I will always be eternally grateful to Georgia. It gave me the greatest of joys of being a dog owner,” he wrote.
“I hope between us we can raise some funds as a gesture of goodwill and love to help in some small way."
Twitter really wants Tom Hardy to "jump out in [his] underwear.”