Tony Awards

The "Orange is the New Black" alum said she was "beyond excited."
"Samuel L. Jackson does not have good non-winner face," one fan wrote.
The actor, a Florida native, left the Tony audience in awe as they applauded her biting mix-up of DeSantis' title.
Newell and Ghee were also the first openly nonbinary actors to earn Tony nominations.
The "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" actor said she felt “strengthened and energized” to wear the piece, which was molded from her own body.
The musical "Kimberly Akimbo" and the play "Leopoldstadt" emerged triumphant on Broadway's biggest night amid a script-free ceremony.
"We’re never going to fix the world. But if we can heal it a little, we’re very happy," the playwright said of his corn-fed show, which is up for nine Tony Awards.
"I’m a big Black woman," the Tony nominee told HuffPost. "I don’t have to be limited to standing still in the corner or being in the back.”
Organizers say they are "altering" Broadway's biggest night to "conform with specific requests" from the Writers Guild of America.