Trevor Noah

"The Daily Show" host called out the "snitch" in "the war that America is waging on women's bodies."
"The Daily Show" host feasted on the former president's allegedly violent table manners.
"At some point, you're not even a judge anymore. You're just cock-block in a fancy robe," "The Daily Show" host said of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
"The Daily Show" host mocks Mitch McConnell for claiming the bipartisan gun safety bill was “fully upholding the Second Amendment.”
“I’m just curious about how you even know when Rudy Giuliani is drunk?” the host of "The Daily Show" asked.
"We can be profiled and misjudged anytime just trying to overthrow a free and fair election," a "Trump supporter" says in the bit.
"The Daily Show" host was glad the network had finally acknowledged that "not everything is breaking news."
Wokeness, a departure from Jesus, music and video games are among the issues Republicans blame for gun violence.
In 2018, Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) described lawmakers' honorary gestures for shooting victims as "negligence" on "The Daily Show."
Desi Lydic interpreted the conservative network's coverage of the potential end of Roe v. Wade, and it's something.