Trevor Noah

The infectious diseases expert dispelled a key myth about the COVID-19 infections.
The "Daily Show" host thinks Trump's health advice would be a little less damaging if bleeped appropriately.
“Coronavirus is the Harvey Weinstein of diseases. It does not ask for consent, my friend," warned the "Daily Show” host.
"The Daily Show" host is sharing comedy bits online to help alleviate viewers’ anxiety about the coronavirus.
"The Daily Show" host said the president's Oval Office speech was about as calming as "fireworks dropped in a bag of cocaine."
"The Daily Show" host also warns about misinformation but discovers a filthy piece of advice that just might work.
The president claimed he has a "natural ability" to deal with the outbreak, citing his "super genius" uncle who worked at MIT.
The president offered his own low estimate of the mortality rate, defying what health experts have said.
"Folks, I'm afraid I have sad news for fans of competence," said Stephen Colbert.
Late night comics focused their shows on former Vice President’s Joe Biden’s rise on Super Tuesday.
"The Daily Show" host picked apart the former New York mayor's poor Super Tuesday performance.
"The Daily Show" host weighed in after two of Biden's fellow moderates dropped out of the 2020 Democratic race for president.
Trevor Noah's team put together a two-minute montage of the MSNBC host's objectifying remarks.
TV hosts spread infectious laughs as the virus continues to spread around the world.
Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert aren't feeling reassured by the president's guidance that "there's a very good chance you're not going to die."
Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden found the funny in the combative affair in South Carolina.
President Donald Trump’s state visit to India was gold to late night comics.
The president's trip to India has been beset by pronunciation struggles.
"The Daily Show" host explained why presidential campaigns are in many ways like getting drunk at a party.