Trevor Noah

The conservative network is just one big inconsistency fest in this lengthy montage.
From the ex-president’s ban from social media to his break-up with Fox News.
Trevor Noah's show called out Republican efforts to rewrite history about the insurrection.
It’s the one thing “mysteriously absent from their vocabulary,” said “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” correspondent Roy Wood Jr.
Insurrectigone “acts quickly to suppress whatever democratic principles or aversion to violence you might be feeling," says a spoof spot.
The Texas Republican had no response to a Trump-themed zinger after he compared Trevor Noah to Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction."
Cyber ninjas, secret watermarks and now bamboo ballots?
The damning video tour includes Cruz's teenage jokes about “world domination,” his capitulation to Donald Trump and his misguided Cancun vacation.
“What the f**k is going on in this photo?” asked "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah. But there's a reason why the Bidens tower over the Carters in the viral image.