True Detective

Like her character Elisa Montgomery, the actress was kept in the dark when it came to the Purcell case.
I thought I'd solved the mystery of Nic Pizzolatto's anthology series on HBO. Then I realized the joke was on me.
The return of Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO series, now starring Mahershala Ali, is an attempt to transport fans back to the existential days of Rust Cohle.
The teaser trailer of the HBO series shows Oscar winner Mahershala Ali's character at three different ages.
Does the news know it’s the weekend? 1. A Georgia police officer was caught on camera saying “we only kill black people” to
If only Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were cast as the bad guys...
I mean, how many shows do we really need about women getting murdered in highly sexualized ways, am I right?
Anjul Nigam in HBO's "True Detective." Photo: Home Box Office. See Stories by Jim Luce on: Children | Film | India & Indian
Finally, someone gets it right: a television show about dreams that feels genuinely dreamy.
Remaking the 1960 John Sturges film starring Yul Brynner and Steve Mc Queen which was, in turn, modeled after Kurosawa's
Whether they're behind bars or in front of them, these characters offer many complicated layers that can leave you sometimes overjoyed, sometimes extremely angry and sometimes absolutely baffled with their self-destructive behaviors -- and correction officer Sam Healy is certainly no exception.