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After a finale that actually lived up to the hype, the hosts of HuffPost’s “Here To Make Friends” podcast recap.
Our theories for Westworld Season 2 will blow. your. mind.
We rewatched first season of ‘Westworld’ ahead of the season two premiere so you don’t have to!
Black men don't really have images that reflect the beauty of their hair on mainstream TV.
I had to see “Better Call Saul’s” premiere tonight—even if it meant checking into a Motel 6 because, although I do have basic
"We're hosting over 100 VR exhibitors, including companies like HTC, Skullcandy, Google, Dolby, Envelop VR, MSI, Technicolor
A.V. Club Writers and Fans React Online: Another Period: This officially ends Another Period coverage at TV Club. It's been
If you're an "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" fan, I'm assuming you have no other plans for the weekend except to curl up in bed
As in TelePLAY. I was lucky enough to enjoy success in Hollywood. During y peak TV and film writing years I was able to scam
Today I see this as a global analogy. I see that the world is trapped in a 'reality' in which the more we try to control and fix our problems, the more they persist and even worsen.
It's almost time - "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" hits theaters on November 20. In the final film of the epic dystopian
Television is an inherently visual medium, but how important is it to actually watch it? Critics of my viewing methodology insist that I am missing out on the essence of television. I don't deny that I have transformed the experience from a visual to a literary one.
Watch Ethan and his sexy spy friends as he wears super-realistic masks, hunts down moles, battles the inventor of a super bug, breaks into the Vatican, faces off with assassins, escapes from exploding bridges, infiltrates the Kremlin, gets in a bunch of car and motorcycle chases and hangs off the ceiling by wires, a lot.
What happened on the last season of Netflix's hit show Orange is the New Black? So many things!
Danny made his final nomination for evictions on last night's Big Brother.