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Real-life singles look for love while wearing elaborate makeup and prosthetics in the new reality series.
Several animated films and an interactive experience from Headspace are also trending on the platform.
A new travel series and multiple apocalypse-related shows made the ranking.
"Wish Dragon" is one of several animated films trending on the streaming platform.
Other trending shows on the platform include a fried food-themed travel series, the new season of "Lupin" and more.
"Too much is going on in the country," the movie mogul said about why he is bringing his fiery matriarch character back.
Chin's murder in 1982 galvanized a nationwide movement of Asian American activism that remains relevant today and continues to grow.
With a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes, "Sweet Tooth" brings warmth to the post-apocalyptic genre.
Several animated movies with similar themes are in the top 10 ranking.
The creator took home multiple trophies at the BAFTA TV Awards for her masterwork exploring consent and sexual assault.