Anna Kendrick knows how to joke around. In honor of Anna Kendrick’s birthday, here are some moments where she didn’t take herself too seriously.
Amy Adrion's new doc "Half the Picture" takes on gender bias in entertainment. But even in the #TimesUp era, the film has yet to be picked up by a distributor.
"Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart."
Trump said the star acted "like a dog" in a bizarre string of messages about her relationship with a costar.
The actress is ending 2016 with a bang and some bling! 💍
Prop Store and Lionsgate are hosting a two-day live auction with over 900 pieces from the franchise.
The name Lucy appears on Utah's top ten but does not appear on any other state's top ten list. Utah also shares the name
Alongside my college counseling work, I've written six novels and taught creative writing to college students and adults for decades. You don't need to write a novel to get into college, but you do need to adopt some of the essentials of writing creatively to make your application essays sing.
There really may be a million of them, but who is counting. There a fewer orangie ones than white ones, Lot of red ones twirling