Unintentionally Sexual

Sometimes advertisers just get it wrong, from unintentionally sexual commercials to posters and signs. These 11 food products
The scene is actually from a Documentary Channel movie called "Space Tourists" that's set to hit your TV in November, so
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Album artwork is slowly becoming a thing of yesteryear -- which is a real shame, because not only did album art become some
Here's the poster for "Yogi Bear 3D." Not only is it real, as it's from the Warner Bros. website, but it's amazing. Great
I think you'll all agree these ads are creepy, but some of you may argue they're not all UNINTENTIONALLY sexual. Let's just
If anyone knows the folks who worked at the publishing companies that released these books, please send us their contact
When making an effective sign, the best course of action is to be clear, catchy, and completely oblivious to any sexual undertones