Vanessa Hudgens

The couple announced their engagement in a sweet Instagram post in February.
Austin Butler finally confirmed that his ex Vanessa Hudgens was the “friend” who encouraged him to play Elvis Presley.
After cryptically stating that a "friend" had encouraged him to seek out the role of Elvis Presley, Butler finally acknowledged her identity.
Fans pointed out that Butler’s voice still sounded akin to Elvis Presley during his appearance – and win – at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month.
Over three years ago, Hudgens recalled telling Butler, her then-boyfriend, that he needed to play Elvis Presley. This week, Butler shared a similar anecdote.
"It's a lot about female empowerment," Julie Pizzi, president of Bunim Murray Productions, said about the film.
Take a trip down memory lane with Vanessa Hudgens.
Two movies with similar names but very different plots are also trending on the streaming service.
"Where I am now is better than I could have dreamed of," the actor told Shape magazine.