Wanda Sykes

The comedian “nearly literally killed” at a recent show in Memphis, “The Late Late Show” said.
"There’s not going to be any intelligence at all," the "Upshaws" star warned Jimmy Kimmel.
Donald Trump is Facebook's "White Lotus," said the guest host of "The Daily Show."
"The Daily Show" guest host suggested there was something the Swedes could bring to the table.
The guest host said one revelation about the GOP congressman was actually "pretty cool."
Sykes also had an explanation for Donald Trump's weird eulogy for Diamond of MAGA duo Diamond and Silk.
The comedian let loose in telling Stephen Colbert why she's a "little salty" right now.
The Oscars co-host bared her simmering anger during a gig in Florida.
The Oscars co-host also said it was "gross" that Will Smith was allowed to remain for the rest of the ceremony.
Serena and Venus Williams, Aaron Sorkin and the Gyllenhaals also got burned.