Wanda Sykes

The comedian let loose in telling Stephen Colbert why she's a "little salty" right now.
The Oscars co-host bared her simmering anger during a gig in Florida.
The Oscars co-host also said it was "gross" that Will Smith was allowed to remain for the rest of the ceremony.
Serena and Venus Williams, Aaron Sorkin and the Gyllenhaals also got burned.
"You're getting robbed," the former Oscars host told this year's Oscars host.
The comedians will host the 2022 ceremony as a trio after talks with "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm reportedly fell through.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" guest host needed to know where the candidates were on a certain date in January.
Trump reportedly praised the Nazi dictator, according to a new book.
Wanda Sykes co-created and stars in a new Netflix Original set in the Midwest.
The comedian is promoting "Visible: Out on Television," a new series looking at the impact of queer representation on TV.