Wendy Williams

The model told "The Talk" that she thought her friend's comments were a "mistake."
“You wear a different mask when you’re out here,” the talk show host said.
To cope with the stress of both of my kids being diagnosed with learning differences, I drank my “prescribed” glasses of wine after they went to sleep.
The former "Today" host said she went to a New York Giants game with the current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
“Despite her strong desire to return, she is taking a necessary, extended break from her show to focus on her personal and physical well-being.”
The talk-show host discovered why you don't ask Roseanne about an ex-husband.
The talk show host also says "black people aren’t really good at protesting. Not since the King march."
The talk show host slurred her words before taking a tumble.
Given the durability of the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine format, it is no surprise to see a new half-hour strip called "Page Six TV," based on the iconic gossip page in the New York Post, test the waters in first-run syndication. It began on Monday this week in a three-week test predominantly in the access programming block initially on seven Fox owned stations.
My greatest passion in life is to be the best mom possible. Beyond that, my passion is being an entrepreneur who empowers others mothers to gain clarity in their lives, enabling them to live it to the fullest.
Ms. Wendy, I know your producers (shadow casters) conduct research for you so maybe you can get them to retrieve information
"I really am tired of these wannabe Stacey Dashes." Shade.
Because it's apparently a victim's responsibility to record her own abuse.