Whoopi Goldberg

The former co-stars are banding together after Thorne was targeted by an alleged hacker.
"Shame on you!" the star said, while adding that she planned to cancel an upcoming appearance on "The View."
The "View" host wrote on Twitter that she is the singer's "newest fan."
When McCain griped on "The View" about people using the White House to get on TV, Goldberg snickered, "Too late."
"The View" co-host told her fellow panelist, “You cannot do abortions after a certain amount of time unless there is some sort of danger.”
Dr. Jorge Rodriguez appeared on "The View" to warn about the dangers of pneumonia.
"The Chi" creator recounted an experience she had as an assistant in the early days of her career, during a segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
Joy Behar, however, says she still misses comedian Fred Armisen's shoulder pads.
Leslie Jones' Whoopi Goldberg has to squirt down "Behar" and Aidy Bryant's "Arizona princess Meghan McCain."
The Louisiana congregations "can celebrate their relationship with God outside," the co-host of "The View" pointed out.
Another heated exchange between Behar and McCain was about to go off the rails when Goldberg stepped in and said, “We’re not going to do this.”
“I don’t want Joe to stop doing that," she said of Biden's tactile tendencies, which a Nevada politician said bothered her.
“Whoopi is back, everybody!” co-host Abby Huntsman declared.
"The View" co-host revealed her battle against pneumonia almost turned deadly.
“Your entry into this race will guarantee Trump another four years,” Joy Behar told the former Starbucks CEO.
The 'View' host suggested the rookie representative should give her Democratic predecessors more credit.
There's no border wall, taxes didn't drop, the air is getting polluted and the U.S. is losing its allies. But at least Trump fans can hang their hats on this.
Goldberg said voters "know that this is not what you want in the guy that’s supposed to be running stuff."
Donald Trump has argued it's once again safe to say "merry Christmas" instead of "happy holidays."