Will & Grace

The Emmy Award-winning actor also gained a major following on social media during the coronavirus pandemic.
The new series is a more racially enlightened take on queerness in New York City — and we love to see it.
The actor also opened up about the origin of her new podcast, "The Dissenters."
Her "Will & Grace" co-stars mourned the loss of their "dear Rosie," referring to the salty-tongued maid who Morrison played from 1999 to 2006.
The president lambasted the actress, calling her a "McCarthy style racist," in a series of tweets after she asked for a list of attendees for an upcoming fundraiser.
The cast members also shared what their characters would be up to in Season 2 of the NBC revival.
The out athlete has a special place in mind for his ensemble to be displayed.
"All of our gay dreams are coming true!" tweeted the team behind the NBC revival.
The "Friends" and "Will & Grace" crossover you dreamed of is sort of happening.
The key to Cher’s legacy is that she’s in on the joke.