Will & Grace

The president lambasted the actress, calling her a "McCarthy style racist," in a series of tweets after she asked for a list of attendees for an upcoming fundraiser.
The cast members also shared what their characters would be up to in Season 2 of the NBC revival.
The out athlete has a special place in mind for his ensemble to be displayed.
"All of our gay dreams are coming true!" tweeted the team behind the NBC revival.
The "Friends" and "Will & Grace" crossover you dreamed of is sort of happening.
The key to Cher’s legacy is that she’s in on the joke.
Series star Eric McCormack definitely wants it to happen.
The "Will & Grace" star described her rude welcome to television in an interview with Sharon Stone.
The network also announced Season 2 would include more episodes.
The two stars exchanged (friendly) jabs over their respective LGBTQ legacies.
The "Will & Grace" star came out to his family when he was 18.
6 moments that reveal the show’s revival hasn’t quite caught up with the times yet.
"I’m glad that we now live in a world where young gays and lesbians can be brave enough to come out earlier and be happier in the aftermath."
“W&G” has become a sort of next-generation “Golden Girls.”
The revived Will & Grace television comedy has some pithy things to say about aging as gay men and our need to create families
"I know we are going to push the boundaries because there is no fun if you don‘t."
The return of “Will & Grace” featured endless jabs at President Trump and his policies.