Willie Nelson

The country music icon also unveiled the election-themed anthem "Vote 'Em Out" at the Senate hopeful's event.
Conservatives slammed the country music legend over a concert in support for the Texas Democratic candidate for Senate.
"Should goodness ever lose and evil steal the day, what would you do?"
Keith favors legalizing pot, saying, "If you drink liquor, you ought to be able to smoke weed.”
I want you to use your imagination for a moment. I want you to imagine that instead of a human being you are a glass. Yes
The country music legend also shares his thoughts on President Donald Trump.
Still, my spirits were greatly lifted by that chance encounter. I knew I wasn't so far removed from the world, that I couldn't
Adapted from Truthdig.com. Listen to the first part of the conversation here. "So you're not for building walls?" Scheer