Woody Allen

The director who just two years ago scoffed at the movement against sexual misconduct is still trying to portray himself as a crusader.
The actor said she will continue to support and work with the director despite allegations that he sexually abused his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow.
The writer-director continues to make movies in Europe, while several U.S. stars and companies have severed ties with him.
"A Rainy Day in New York" was produced by Amazon Studios, which shelved the movie's U.S. release and severed ties with the director.
Executives at multiple publishing houses told The New York Times they don't want to be associated with Allen, who's long been accused of molesting his daughter in 1992.
The actress told Vulture that she believes the "Rosemary's Baby" director "paid his price" and that neither of the two states that investigated Allen prosecuted him.
The writer-director and accused child sexual abuser sued Amazon Studios for terminating its movie distribution deal with him.
The writer-director has a new movie in the works, despite adopted daughter Dylan Farrow's longstanding sexual assault accusation.
Allen's breach of contract claim says Amazon cited daughter Dylan Farrow's "baseless allegation" of childhood sex abuse.
Babi Christina Engelhardt, who partly inspired a character in Allen's film "Manhattan," spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about dating the director.
They’re distorting history and trying to avoid accountability.
The Oscar-winning actor said he'd work again for the embattled filmmaker "tomorrow."
Someone has given a Me Too twist to a portrait of Trump that is hanging in the White House.
The siblings tweeted statements defending their mother, Mia Farrow, in response to the New York magazine profile.
“What’s happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust,” Previn told New York magazine.
"I took all of the classic art made by sketchy dudes, and I remade it so you can enjoy it guilt free."
The director says no actresses have “ever suggested any kind of impropriety," while continuing to deny the child sexual abuse allegations from his daughter Dylan Farrow.
Dylan Farrow called her brother's essay "beyond hurtful" and "easily disproven."
The actress also expressed support for Dylan Farrow, who has accused Woody Allen of child sexual abuse.
As the Me Too movement continues to reverberate, fans are still lining up to see Allen play his clarinet at a posh New York hotel.