Writers' Strike

From the rise of reality TV to the "death" of the baby writer, the 100-day battle between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers had long-lasting effects.
The WGA will not strike, allowing the senator to enjoy Dwayne Johnson's show.
A writer's strike is creeping closer to reality and nobody's talking about it.
The WGA had a strike in 2007-2008 that lasted 100 days and succeeded in creating havoc.
Because of our fascination with glamour and money, events that happen in Hollywood seem way more exciting than events that happen elsewhere.
While Black female creative professionals try to gain footing in the wake of such staggering facts, it is no wonder then that the rise of the Black girl crush has emerged. In fact, it has crested in my own life, as I have been working freelance since May 2011.
Boog doesn't pretend to know the answers, but he hopes his book will help bring some of the issues to light in a new way
Any other films coming up that we can look out for? "Butter," I’m pretty proud of that one. That's with Jennifer Garner. I
As the trip grew closer, it dawned on me that it was weird to send my ex and my parents on a trip to Paris without me. (It had already dawned on everyone else. I'm a late dawner).
The Writer's Guild tripled its number of digital media signatories last year. How relevant is the union alongside rapid technology-driven innovation?