Writers' Strike

From the rise of reality TV to the "death" of the baby writer, the 100-day battle between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers had long-lasting effects.
The WGA will not strike, allowing the senator to enjoy Dwayne Johnson's show.
A writer's strike is creeping closer to reality and nobody's talking about it.
The WGA had a strike in 2007-2008 that lasted 100 days and succeeded in creating havoc.
Because of our fascination with glamour and money, events that happen in Hollywood seem way more exciting than events that happen elsewhere.
While Black female creative professionals try to gain footing in the wake of such staggering facts, it is no wonder then that the rise of the Black girl crush has emerged. In fact, it has crested in my own life, as I have been working freelance since May 2011.
"Writers were actively engaged with the world and they forced people to pay attention to the fact that it was almost impossible
When you can all travel back in time to 2010. Yeah, exactly. "Hot Tub" ended up being pretty successful, but the opening
As the trip grew closer, it dawned on me that it was weird to send my ex and my parents on a trip to Paris without me. (It had already dawned on everyone else. I'm a late dawner).
The Writer's Guild tripled its number of digital media signatories last year. How relevant is the union alongside rapid technology-driven innovation?
It could be a perfect storm. Less than a year after the Screen Actors Guild finalized its contract with the studios -- ending
The situation for women who want to make movies is grim. Despite the fact that film schools graduate as many women as men, just 4% of Hollywood directors are women.
If the new SAG leadership doesn't rapidly start taking all the painful, but necessary steps to merge with AFTRA, we are fucked.
Reporting from Los Angeles and New York -- Comedian Jay Leno was hauled in front of his own union's trial committee Wednesday
A year has passed, but the WGA West is still reviewing the possibility of disciplinary action against Jay Leno for "Tonight
Although The Real World was initially a compelling concept of seven strangers living in a house set in a major city, it unraveled as Abercrombie
Wilmore reveals, among other things, how he feels that Al Roker is both a tragic and magical figure, why he'd replace the terms "African-American" and "black" with "chocolate," and how black men are portrayed on television.