Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been married since 2015, but their love story goes back decades.
He says he was named "Man of the Year" in Michigan five years ago. But there's no evidence of this.
Although he's dropped in to push Independence Day: Resurgence, that pluggery is slight at best. Instead, Goldblum regales
• • • An unassuming yet amazing musician whose career has spanned five decades (and counting), he's renowned for a trademark
Either truth is stranger than fiction or this is the best date fan fic ever.
Although, after a few podcasts, constantly listening to Dan yell at Stugotz, one needs a breather because it feels like you're
He bombed out in his audition and retreated into the world of regular theater performance. From there he developed his unique
Organizational cultures are not universally good or universally bad for every person. Just because two organizations have the exact same activities (i.e. casual Fridays and philanthropic events) doesn't mean that those activities are received the same way at each company by the employees.
And the encouraging words from Pharrell that helped the Grammy winner come back better than ever.
Any guest on WTF who served on the SNL cast has had to help deconstruct who Michaels is and why he may have passed on Maron
It's the end of an era. Or, rather, the echoes of an era's end. Live regular performances of Thrilling Adventure Hour came to a close months ago, but the podcasted segments of it kept on. Until now.
So now, instead of futile reluctance to acknowledge that life is racing by or being regretful of the many, many days spent doing routine things I don't remember because they're mundane and not spiritually exalting, I plan things that will lift me up emotionally.