Zac Efron

The “jarring” experience didn’t sit too well with the actor.
The "Iron Claw" actor credited Perry, who died in October, with helping to "propel me and motivate me in so many ways.”
Perry reportedly told a friend the day before he died that was pondering a biopic about his life — and wanted Efron to play him.
Perry and the other actor had played older and younger versions of the same character in an earlier project.
It took Mark Hamill three trips to the salon to get his hair back to normal after "The Flash."
He said the drugs and training regime had long-term negative effects on his physical and mental health.
Ryan Kiera Armstrong stars as Charlie McKee, a young girl born with pyrokinetic abilities, in the new adaptation of Stephen King's 1980 horror classic.
Both Zac Efron's travel show and "Unsolved Mysteries" sit high on the list.
The actor reportedly got a bacterial infection while filming the show "Killing Zac Efron."
Extremely off base, shockingly tone deaf and concerning, TBH!