A small handful of designers are embracing a concept that most designers are turning their backs on.
Never come at Kim K with a threat about poison ivy in your anus.
Zendaya strutted the red carpet at the Harper's Bazaar Icons party in a grey Berluti suit, the same suit the "Black Panther" star wore earlier this year.
Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to visit young fans.
The “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star said he has used the same hilarious tactic to eat a Kit Kat.
The former co-stars are banding together after Thorne was targeted by an alleged hacker.
Black girls are rarely given room to mess up, to make mistakes, to grow. Zendaya's role as Rue is game-changing because she is, by her own admission, the ultimate f**k-up.
"It might be one of the biggest plot holes of all time," said Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned in “Far From Home.”
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Batalon also surprised fans at the Disney California Adventure theme park.
Grace Jones, Beverly Johnson, Pat Cleveland and 56 other black models starred in the show.
The actress said becoming a face for the French beauty brand is a "huge honor."
"Let me get in the room. Maybe they’ll change their minds."
"It’s important that young people see themselves on the screen," she said.
The actress told fans: “I will personally ensure that each and every outstanding order and issue is resolved.”