“Literally my first date was when I was 15 years old,” said Zendaya, “and it was to go see ‘Spider-Man.’”
The “Euphoria” star hit the stage to perform a surprise duet with Labrinth over the weekend.
Twitter users cited a video clip showing the two collaborators figuring out the seating arrangement at a fashion show as a reason for his decision to retire.
Many fans postulated a dispute when Roach announced his retirement after years of working with the actor.
The sought-after stylist is known for his work with numerous celebrities, such as his longtime collaborator Zendaya.
The Talented Black Stylists And Designers Dressing the 2023 Awards Season Stars
The "Euphoria" actor wowed the starry crowd by changing her look entirely by the time she entered the ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel in Los Angeles.
Other presenters announced Thursday include Jason Bateman, Eugene Levy, Matt Bomer and Oscar winner Ariana DeBose.
The actor is singing praises for the Emmy winner, whom he calls a “breath of fresh air.”