Zsa Zsa Gabor

The English bulldog lived a true Cinderella story.
I don't know if Zsa Zsa Gabor (who died Sunday at age 99) ever met Donald Trump, but if she were a generation younger, they would have made the perfect celebrity couple.
"There will only be one Zsa Zsa Gabor. And, I liked her a lot. Rest In Peace, my dear." -- Larry King
“It’s never as easy to keep your own spouse happy as it is to make someone else’s spouse happy.”
She ushered in a new age of celebrity.
I don't mean to insult the comedian/actor/author/musician Steve Martin, whose mega-talents I admire, but I can imagine Donald Trump echoing one of Martin's favorite lines from his old comedy routine: "I can't believe I get paid for doing this."
It was actually Marc Davis' masterful work on the Mistress of All Evil for Sleeping Beauty that led to his being assigned Cruella de Vil. But given that 101 Dalmatians was Walt Disney Animation Studios' first film to be set in a contemporary setting, well, Davis wanted Cruella to be a real departure from everything that he'd done with Maleficent. He wanted her to be the first modern-day Disney villain.
Who's responsible for letting actor/author Chris Colfer voice his own audiobook, The Land of Stories, a Grimm Warning? Aside from garbled words, his fourth grade reading technique is a formidable obstacle to getting past the first chapter.
At what point do you say to yourself: This just isn't my thing? I'm looking at you, Kim Kardashian. For the record, I don't
Lately, it seems like the focus is shifted on the latest celebrity death. There's one woman who takes a licking and keeps on ticking: Zsa Zsa.
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And, of course, we owe a debt to these early Academy Award ceremonies that set the tone for the red carpet becoming the must
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