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13 Unexpected Items Every College Kid Needs

We asked real college kids which items are necessary -- and so often forgotten -- when heading to campus.
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We asked real college kids which items are necessary -- and so often forgotten -- when heading to campus.


Markers, colored pencils, or crayons. Not every project or assignment is submitted online. At least once a semester, prepare to be a little creative. True story.

Surge protectors. An essential for adding extra and often necessary outlets.

Robe. You'll be extra thankful you stuffed this coverup in the suitcase while walking down the long halls to the communal bathrooms,

Carpet. They warm up a room, give feet something soft to step onto, and add a pop of color in a shared space.

Sewing kit. Buttons fall off (ugh, we know). They also usually can't wait until Thanksgiving break to be mended.

Vacuum. It's better to be prepared when accidents happen. Plus, some roommates are just cleaner than others.

Disinfecting wipes. Cleaning can be a burden (who really has time?), but wipes help get this quick and painless job done.

First aid kit. It's smart to be armed (with Band-Aids) and prepared .

Emergen-C. For those times that everyone on the floor has caught the flu, power up with extra vitamins.

Sleeping mask. Sometimes sneaking in those zzz's happens when the sun is shining or your roomie is burning the midnight oil.

Quarters/change. Not all machines use cards. Quarters will most likely come in handy for those unavoidable late-night snack machine raids.

Earplugs/noise-cancelling headphones. There's no telling when your neighbor will decide to have a mandatory late-night dance off. At 2 a.m. on a Tuesday. The night before your Econ final.

Toolbox. The right tools -- hammer, flat-head, nails -- can come in handy when least expected.

Text by Daise Bedolla