Did a German U-Boat Sink the Titanic?

Will the Titanic ever be resurrected to assess the destruction and determine if this hypothesis could be viable?
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Is it possible, just possible, that a German submarine, rather than an iceberg, sank the mighty Titanic?

When the sunken Titanic was discovered in 1985, its starboard (right) side was embedded in sand. This was the side that had struck the iceberg off of Newfoundland 100 years ago on April 14,1912. So-called "subprofiler" digital images revealed that six rivets has popped off, suggesting that shoddy workmanship led to the ship's demise. But, this covered only a relatively small area of just 12 square feet, hardly enough to cause the huge luxury liner to sink with such rapidity.

Significantly, several survivors including both passengers and crew members, when questioned by a U.S. Senate inquiry panel, testified that they never felt any impact or heard any sound when the collision occurred, suggesting it was minor in nature. However, they reported having heard four "reports," or explosions, deep in the bowels of the Titanic AFTER it had scraped the iceberg! These could conceivably have been torpedoes launched by a German submarine.

Moreover, a number of survivors huddled in lifeboats observed a searchlight in the distance, encouraging them that a rescue vessel was approaching. This light had been attributed to the Californian. But, that ship's captain, Stanley Lord, insisted that it was not his, that there was another vessel between his and the Titanic. Indeed, his craft was mired in a colossal ice field and forced to remain there until daylight. Several sailors on watch asserted that they witnessed an unidentified vessel approximately 5 to 6 miles away until about 2 a.m., possibly a submarine that had surfaced to assess the damage it had caused, after which time it skulked off. For the record, this was not the Carpathia, which arrived on the scene later to assist in rescuing survivors.

Most assuredly, that mystery craft could well have been a German sub, as their U-boat technology was highly perfected by that time and their subs were scanning the North Atlantic then. The sub may have deliberately targeted the luxury liner or possibly accidentally collided with it. It should be noted that a German U-boat did indeed sink the famed Lusitania just three years later in 1915.

Will the Titanic ever be resurrected to assess the destruction and determine if this hypothesis could be viable? Probably not, as it took two years just to recover a relatively small 20-ton section from the 46,000-ton craft. which is in an extremely fragile state. It will most likely remain in place as a lasting memorial to the most dramatic oceanic tragedy on record.

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