Watch: Bay Area Newsrooms Get An On-Air Jolt During 4.0 Earthquake

“Oh my gosh, we’re having an earthquake.”

San Franciscans watching the morning news got a startling wake-up when a 4.0 earthquake in Piedmont, California, sent a jolt through Bay Area newsrooms Monday morning. 

“Oh my gosh, we’re having an earthquake,” exclaimed Steve Paulson, a meteorologist at local Fox affiliate KTVU, as he braced against the wall behind him.

Over at local CBS affiliate KPIX, Melissa Griffen-Caen was reporting on legislation that would regulate the use of drones when she paused. “Okay,” a voice a voice can be heard from the background before the camera cuts to the two anchors at the news desk.

“Can’t wait to explain this to my mom in Alabama,” Griffen-Caen said. “That I was standing here while an earthquake happened.”