'Fox And Friends' Anchor Brian Kilmeade Frustrated With Penguins (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Fox & Friends' Anchor Hates Helpless Penguin

Remember a few weeks ago when a young emperor penguin took a wrong turn out of Antarctica and landed on a New Zealand beach? Well, he finally has his happy ending!

After two medical procedures and an intravenous drip, the little guy, or "happy feet" as his caregivers dubbed him, has been offered a ride home. New Zealand investment advisor Gareth Morgan is the knight in shining armor, and plans to take the penguin with him on an expedition to Antarctica in eight months, granted the young penguin is healthy enough for the journey.

Happy story, right? Apparently not for a "Fox & Friends" anchor. After Gretchen Carlson read the heart-warming story, an exasperated Brian Kilmeade jumped in, saying, "The detail we have on this case is astounding," and "It would be different if that was a unique-looking penguin. That looks like every penguin outside the one on 'Batman' that we've seen."

Kilmeade continued by saying, "What is this story? We're still looking for that jackass penguin that jumped in the English Channel, remember that?" Carlson concluded, "I guess you don't like penguins." Although Kilmeade denied the accusation, the evidence may speak for itself.

What do you think? Is Kilmeade totally justified, or is he a penguin-hater?


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