Jarvan Jackson, 11-Year-Old Florida Boy, Fatally Shot By 4-Year-Old Relative (VIDEO)

4-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 13-Year-Old To Death

An 11-year-old Florida boy has died after being shot by a four-year-old relative on Mother's Day at a Lake City apartment complex, according to a Department of Children and Families spokesperson.

According to neighbors interviewed by Action News, there were six children and at least one adult in the apartment at the time of the shooting on Sunday.

The victim's grandmother told First Coast News that the four-year-old and a two-year-old were playing with the gun and Jackson was trying to get it away from them when he was accidentally shot in the neck.

"The children were covered in blood," the 911 caller told Action News. "I went inside the house because I heard all the kids screaming and the little boy was laying on his back, covered up."

DCF's John Harrell told HuffPost Miami that the four-year-old sustained an injury during the shooting but it was not life threatening.

Lake City Police have ruled the shooting an accident and are investigating how the four-year-old got access to gun, reports the Gainesville Sun.

Florida has had a string of violent accidental shootings involving children in the last few weeks.

A three-year-old Tampa boy fatally shot himself after finding his uncle's gun in a backpack last week.

In Florida, nicknamed the Gunshine State, the legislature passed just one of 12 gun control bills filed this year, restricting the sale of firearms to buyers who have had voluntary committed themselves for mental illness treatment.

Passionate gun enthusiasts have since flooded Governor Rick Scott's inbox with pleas to veto the bill.

WATCH: A neighbor describes the scene of the shooting:

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