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If You Like Zara, You'll Love This Store

Here at HuffPost Style, we have been counting down the seconds until European retailer & Other Stories opens stateside. And the day is almost here. Their first American outpost opens tomorrow (Oct. 17) in New York City, while US e-commerce has already launched -- so we can basically kiss our paychecks goodbye.

For those of you who aren't in the know, & Other Stories is H&M's year-old offshoot brand that is known for its fashion-forward and minimalist designs. While the brand is owned by the famous Swedish retailer, you won't be getting them confused any time soon. Though both share reasonable price points (products at & Other Stories range from $9 for a nail polish to just under $500 for a mohair winter coat), that is where the similarities end.

& Other Stories is more tightly-edited and of better quality than H&M. Creative Director Sara Hildén Bengtsson explained that the store "has an atelier feel," and when you enter the 6,000 plus-square-foot space in SoHo, it bares no resemblance to a fast-fashion store like H&M. It feels more like a well-curated museum or a showroom, with knick-knacks hidden throughout.

Another mark of the brand is their famous collaborations with lesser-known designers. In the past, they have teamed up with the likes of Vika Gazinskaya -- her collection sold out almost instantaneously -- while their newest partnership with Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li is a well thought-out 30-piece collection that is meant to serve as the perfect wardrobe for travel (and we have to say, it does).

Though the company was originally just going to sell beauty products, it quickly evolved into ready-to-wear and accessories. If you plan on stopping by the New York store this weekend or checking out the site, consider yourself warned -- your bank account is about to take a serious hit.

Check out our favorite pieces below and tell us you don't want every single one.

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