Skirts That Will Have People Talking ... In The Best Possible Way (PHOTOS)

As a child, few experiences were as exciting as a trip through the car wash. The dark tunnel, the whir of the enormous brushes, and of course, the suds that you could only dream of having in your own bathtub.

So, what does this have to do with style? I'll give you three words: Car wash skirts. The skirts, so named for their fluttery panels, are universally flattering. Think of your pencil skirt that has a slit up the front (or in the back) that shows a bit of leg when you walk. Now imagine the same stem-baring effect all around the skirt.

Not to worry, this isn't a garment designed to show everything off; the panels overlap to ensure full coverage (and modesty). Still worried about baring too much skin? Wear a coordinating slip or opaque tights underneath the skirt, add a conservative button-up blouse and you are ready for the office. You can also vary the length: a maxi or high-waisted version is a bit more modest, without losing those sexy peek-a-boo panels.

Check out our roundup of seven skirts bound to have people atwitter ... in the best possible way.

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