This Theory Finally Explains Why Steve Was So Oblivious On 'Blue's Clues'

Because it's really smart.

The internet may have just figured out “Blue’s Clues.”

We’ve already learned the real reason Steve left “Blue’s Clues,” but for decades (actual decades, since the show is now more than 20 years old) another question has baffled fans.

Why is Steve such an idiot? 

Idiot is a strong word. Steve is our dude. But as an example, in one episode Steve is trying to figure out what Blue needs to do, and his clues are bubbles, a towel and soap.

You don’t need to be all Robert Downey Jr. from “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” to realize that Blue needs a bath.

Steve suggests putting the bubbles in between the other two items to make a bubble sandwich. 

That’s the situation we’re dealing with here.

There have already been theories online that Steve is actually in an asylum or has lost his mind in some way, but now a Reddit user has come up with a solution that makes perfect sense:

The theory: Steve was babysitting.

Redditor Chengweiyingji explains that if you put the clues together, it’s clear that “Steve isn’t an idiot.” He’s simply “playing dumb” because he’s babysitting kids:

First, if you’ve ever watched Blue’s Clues you’d know that children shout “A clue! A clue!”. So there are children in Steve’s house.

The clincher is that Steve eventually goes to college.

Where’d he get the money for that? And how could he get into college if he doesn’t realize that bubbles, a towel and soap mean Blue needs a bath?

Bubble sandwich? SMH, Steve.

Chengweiyingji explains:

Second, Steve leaves for college at the end of Season 4 — apologies for the video source. Now, he never said anything to said children until this point, but he has to have tuition money somewhere. And where would he get it? From the children’s parents (as well as that hopscotch scholarship). While this video shows Steve being the lovable idiot we all know, he did get into college.

The Redditor tells HuffPost that the theory came from watching the YouTube channel “SteveIsWrong,” which points out Steve isn’t “the sharpest tool in the shed,” but the pervading theories that he was insane were “horrible.”

“I started thinking about it though. I noted that if Steve was as dumb as that channel theorized, how did he get into college? I mean, you need to have some intelligence to get into college. Then I realized — he’s not dumb, he’s just entertaining the children with him (such as myself when I was little),” said our theorist.

Indeed, comments from Steve Burns himself, aka Steve from “Blue’s Clues,” may further support the idea. In an interview with HuffPost, Burns praised the show for the meticulous research that went into it, calling it an “educational endeavor, first and foremost.”

He has also said that his job was to speak through the camera and form a relationship with the individual kids through the TV.

You certainly don’t want your kids learning from someone who’s an actual nincompoop. And who hasn’t lost a babysitter to higher education?

We can’t officially call it confirmed, but even Steve could probably figure this one out.



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