U.S. Flag Mural Repainted at Sunrise While L.A. Wakes (Drone Footage)

The defaced American flag mural overlooking Hollywood was restored to its Old Glory in a dawn operation by The PSA Crew, an L.A.-based street art collective that works to spread political awareness. Originally painted in the aftermath of 9/11, the hilltop wall was vandalized in 2012, then restored by patriots who drove down from Lancaster, CA. The wall was later defaced again by graffiti, and partially re-painted by the Hollywood Beautification Team, but remained maligned for years.

Drone footage and time-lapse photography capture the re-painting of the wall at sunrise while Los Angeles wakes up below. The PSA Crew will be featured in the art show "WHERE ELSE BUT THE STREETS" at the Stone Malone Gallery in Hollywood, opening Saturday May 28th at 7 p.m./

Check out pictures of the process, which took about an hour:

American Flag Mural at Dawn

See more of The PSA Crew in the new book, Where Else But The Streets: A Street Art Dossier by John Wellington Ennis, now out on RothCo Press: http://whereelsebutthestreets.com