:01 Second to End Extreme Poverty

2015 is a year filled with tremendous opportunity to lift children, communities and families out of extreme poverty and to make great strides in tackling climate change. It's also a year marked by a temporal rarity -- a leap second. This year the world will receive an extra second to sync clocks to the Earth's actual rotation. It's only a subtle shift, just one small second lost in a busy day, but it's an opening to join a global movement with far-reaching global impact.

Along with great opportunity, 2015 is a year of unavoidable responsibility and high stakes for the planet and its people living in extreme poverty. This year, world leaders will meet in New York and Paris to make decisions that will dictate the path of politics, philanthropy, foreign aid for development and the health of our planet for the next 15-years.

And we can help them decide how these decisions will take shape.

Gifted with one extra tick of the clock, we can choose action, we can join a movement of global citizens striving to make 2015 so much more than a year of great potential -- we can ensure 2015 is a year that prioritizes the welfare and opportunity of the one billion people living in extreme poverty.

This one extra second affords us the opportunity to give back to the world and come together as global citizens -- a united force driving a movement to deliver an equitable and healthy world for all. Organized in critical mass, this movement can call upon world leaders, business leaders, and those who represent our interests to act in accordance with the interests of the world's poor while addressing the systemic failures and limited resources that sustain hardship and inescapable poverty.

The force that drives this movement, and catalyzes individuals across continents to act on important global issues, is the social power inherent in every one of us that empathetically embodies the principles of global citizenship. More than anyone, this movement is built on the belief that there is nothing stronger than budding campaigners, activists, and concerned global citizens.

In 2015, the Global Citizen movement offers a chance for individuals to activate and channel their voices to address immediate global concerns with a second of ambition and care. In what could be the most powerful second ever, with just a click of the mouse or tap of the smartphone screen, we can take action to galvanize a movement to benefit the world's poor and turn 2015 into a year of fulfilled opportunity and realized potential.