1 Dreadful Freelance Blogger Mistake

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Are you beyond disgusted with your freelance writing struggles?

Maybe you’re ready to quit your freelance business because you haven’t made a stinking cent from your venture.

I once was in that same spot.

I even turned down available freelance writing work because I was so shell shocked by my prior struggles.

My first client had to beg me to work with him.

He goaded me, pleaded with me and cajoled me into an eventually prospering partnership.


I made a dreadful freelance blogger mistake for many months.

I worked for peanuts.

I charged bottom of the barrel rates.

Watch the video to see me explain this big freelancer mistake.

Naturally, I made a pittance while busting my tail and ran into countless financial difficulties early in my freelance writing career.

Eventually I turned things around to the point of earning a full time income through my freelance writing business while devoting part time hours to this income stream.

The Problem

You undervalue yourself and your freelance writing skills.

This dreadful freelance blogger mistake strickens almost all struggling writers.

You’re probably charging $5, $10 or even less per 600 word article.

Unless you’re living in a country with a super low cost of living you’ll struggle financially working at these rates.

I know how it feels.

I used to charge $10 to $15 per 600 word article.

I recall sharing on my Facebook wall - 4 years ago - that freelancers should charge at least $25 per 600 word article.

A FB buddy of mine quickly protested my rates.

He said $25 was too high a rate to charge.

I messaged him privately explaining how he grossly undervalued his services.

He quickly grasped this idea and raised his rates.

Current Day Me

I laugh when I think about charging $25 per 600 word article 2-3 short years ago.

Now I charge between $50 and $100 for 600 words.

I have charged $300 for longer pieces.

I once charged $500 for a 500 word sponsored post I wrote.

I successfully solved my “working in a cyber sweatshop for peanuts” freelancer problem.

But way too many of you still fall prey to this insidious tendency.

Here’s how to solve the problem.

Uncover the Underlying Mental Issue

All blogging or freelancing problems are based on idea seeds in your mind.

Bloggers who charge ridiculously low rates - like $5 or $10 for a 600 word article - cling to limiting beliefs like:

  • I am not a skilled enough writer to charge more money
  • People in my country are notorious for only paying the lowest rates (I get this one a bunch from my Indian readers)
  • I will charge more than $5 per article when I get experience (you have to work for basically nothing to gain people’s trust)
  • I am not good enough (general low self esteem)
  • I don’t deserve anything more than a few bucks per article because writing comes easy to me
  • All the high paying jobs are taken

Every limiting belief above is a lie.

None are true.

The Solution

Follow a few steps to gain confidence and clarity in your freelance writing business.

  • Write 2,000 to 3,000 words daily to hone your skills (open a Word document and practice). If you want to charge top dollar develop the skills of someone who charges top dollar
  • Build a well-read, valuable, insightful blog by creating thorough, long form posts and by establishing relationships with top bloggers from your niche. Awesome blogs = trusting clients = higher rates
  • Never, ever write an article for less than $30. Ever! Charging less than $30 attracts bottom feeders/cheap/broke people to you on an energetic level. Charging low rates also scares off high paying clients who will wonder what’s wrong with you or your freelance business if you’re not charging at least $40 or $50 per article
  • Learn from top freelance bloggers like Elna Cain and Brent Jones. These pros can help instill confidence in you because gaining insights from established freelancers can help you gain the authority and posture you need to charge premium rates

Your Turn

Are you making this freelance blogging mistake?

How are you correcting this error?

What freelance mistakes do you commonly see?

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