1 FREE Click = Help to a Child in Afghanistan

1 FREE Click = Help to a Child in Afghanistan
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I founded War Kids Relief after returning from serving in the Army in Iraq to keep youth from being recruited by extremist groups. Now they are doing this critical work in Afghanistan, and I wanted to invite you to give us a helping hand. Thanks to the contribution of a generous supporter, War Kids Relief will earn $1 for each viewing of our newest video, up to $10,000. This initiative will only last until May 23, so please watch today!

Only six months ago War Kids Relief launched the Helmand Children's Medical Fund (HCMF) which helped 386 desperately ill children in the Charahee Qambar IDP camp get urgently needed medical treatment. And only three months ago we began "Briquettes Into Bridges"...the vocational training project that is now creating employment opportunities for the adults in the camp.

War Kids Relief has battled many challenges to get this latest project off the ground, including the Taliban trying to take our trainees away, but we are prevailing!

This week (May 17-23) War Kids Relief will earn $1 for each viewing of these videos, up to $10,000, thanks to a generous supporter who wants to make sure Briquettes Into Bridges gets wider attention

This is money that we will use to expand War Kids Relief's project to include a vocational training program for camp women so that they too can become more empowered and better care for their children.

To do this we need to get these videos to go viral, so I am asking for you to watch the videos, then use whatever networks you have: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, church groups, youth groups, professional groups, classrooms, book clubs, whatever, to make a personal plea for people to watch any/all of these videos. (We know some teachers who are even having their students watch these videos as homework assignments because this is an amazing teaching opportunity involving a very current world issue.) The challenge is only from Monday, May 17-Sunday, May 23 so we need to get the word out right away!

Watch the video, spread the word, and help a child in Afghanistan!!

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