Have You Checked Out An Old Flame On Facebook? You're Not Alone.

Does your former high school sweetie look the same?

Need more evidence that Facebook is the go-to site for boomers? A recent poll in Britain found that one in six Brits over 50 use Facebook to check out old flames, according to the Daily Mail.

Certainly the ability to connect with old friends is one of the best parts of being on Facebook. Many old high school chums have found one another. And some, like this couple in the U.K., even rekindled their romance over Facebook after 27 years, and eventually got married.

But the 3,000-person survey completed by the Britain-based boomer site showed some interesting trends. It found that 16 percent of people over 50 upload selfies on Facebook to show their old partners how well they've aged and 47 percent of the over 50s believe that they will spend more time on the site as they grow older. The over 50s recognize that as they grow less physically mobile, social media is likely to play a key role in helping them keep in touch with friends and family.

Others studies, as well, have shown that Facebook is the primary social media site favored by boomers.

Anyone have a Facebook wedding story for us?

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