10 Alternative Design Strategies for Fixing the Los Angeles City Hall Lawn

Now that Occupy LA has been cleared out of "Solidarity Park" it's a good time to consider alternatives to simply putting back the lawn. The mayor is justifiably vexed about the occupiers ruining the pretty grass, but rather than simply replacing this water-hog, perhaps the city could take a moment to consider some smart design alternatives.

For a start, it could look to how the "occupiers" utilized the park and what they introduced to it to make it a richer, multi-layered civic venue.

Below is a list of suggestions based on ideas Occupy LA implemented during their two-month stay.

1) Model xeriscape public garden plus community farm.

2) Permanent Welcome Table and donation station.

3) Outdoor public amphitheater for concerts, speakers, and spontaneous First Amendment expression.

4) Playground and daycare center.

5) Water-collecting semi-permeable groundcover.

6) Recycling-composting station.

7) Renewable energy demonstration zones.

8) Library mini-branch and story time for the public.

9) Surfaces for free yoga made from recycled rubber.

10) Ask the citizens what they think.