10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking More Water

10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking More Water
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Up until about three years ago, my beverages of choice included Diet Coke, coffee, juices, but rarely a glass of water. The only time I resorted to what I considered a "bland" drink was at the gym, because I needed it to stay hydrated. Aside from that, I rarely drank water and found myself dealing with unpleasant symptoms like dehydration, bloating and cramping. Finally, it was my husband who stepped in and helped me see that in order to feel better I needed to break my bad habit and make a healthy change.

Breaking a bad habit can be challenging, so to make it easier I replaced mine with a good one: always having a reusable bottle filled with water by my side. From the stainless steel bottle for the gym to the insulated one in my car to the glass water bottle on my desk, I always carry a reusable, safe, and BPA/BPS-free bottle with me. Since I am always hydrating, I now drink about a gallon or more of water per day, and as a result, I have experienced increasing health benefits that I felt compelled to share with others!

The Top 10 Benefits I Have Experienced From Drinking More Water:

1) My complexion has drastically improved.

Call it a miracle cure, but upping my intake of water has significantly helped my acne subside and face glow!

2) I no longer experience dehydration spells.

Especially when I was out in the heat all day, I would get occasional dehydration spells that would leave me feeling faint and tired. Now, I keep water with me all the time when I am outdoors, feel much more energized, and no longer get dehydrated.

3) Toxins are flushed from my body.

Over time, environmental toxins and those that end up in our food can build up in our body, leaving us feeling tired and just down-right lousy. Our kidneys need fluids in order to flush out the toxins from our body, and drinking more water has helped me feel better and have more energy.

4) My digestion runs smoothly.

Water can significantly improve your body's ability to break down food and has reduced any discomfort and digestion problems I used to experience.

5) I have little to no bloating.

With water as my drink of choice, I no longer experience the inevitable bloating that comes from drinking sodas, artificial beverages, and some juices. And on certain days when I do feel bloated, drinking water helps my symptoms subside.

6) I more easily fight off colds and sicknesses.

When I feel a cold or sickness coming, I make sure to drink a lot of water. I can't say this with a perfect science, but I can honestly tell you that when I drink more water I notice that my symptoms improve and I get better quicker.

7) I can better prevent hangovers.

This past New Year's Eve is the perfect example. Knowing I was probably going to have a "few more" that evening, I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and night. I woke up bright and early the next morning feeling like a million bucks!

8) I "over-snack" less.

I've heard that if you are craving a late afternoon snack, you might be thirsty, not hungry. While an afternoon snack is part of my daily routine, I do think drinking water helps me avoid over-snacking and ruining my dinner.

9) I spend less and save more.

By buying safe, reusable water bottles and then refilling them with filtered water, I save money I would have spent on soft drinks and other beverages while out, or at home.

10) I am stronger and have greater endurance in the gym.

With all the water my body loses while sweating at the gym, the only way to get them back is to drink more water. Plus, it's hard not to crave water when you're working so hard!

What benefits have you experienced? I'd love to hear your feedback!

If after reading how drinking more water has benefited me motivates you to join me in my habit of staying hydrated, this guide I wrote will help you pick a great, non-toxic water bottle that best meets your lifestyle. Still need more of a push?! Check out #myhydrationstory on Instagram for some visual inspiration!

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