10 Ways You've Never Thought To Use Your Microwave

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Using microwave oven
Using microwave oven

You already use your microwave for these excellent recipes. But did you know it can be the key to a cheap, at-home latte? Here, ten new ways to use your kitchen's most versatile appliance.

To Cook Corn
This is kind of life-changing. How to do it.


To Toast Coconut
Use the same method to toast raw nuts. How to do it.


To Dry Herbs
Save on all that air-drying time. How to do it.


To Froth Milk
No Starbucks, no problem. How to do it.


To Roast Garlic
Because oven trays are a nightmare to clean. How to do it.


To Make Dulce de Leche
10 minutes. It's that easy. How to do it.


To Get More Juice From Citrus
Use less lemons and limes. How to do it.


To Soak Beans and Lentils
Forgot to soak those pintos overnight? Try this quick fix. How to do it.


To Revive Honey
Crystallized honey is a bummer. How to do it.


To Prep Root Vegetables
You'll thank us later. How to do it.


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