10 Annoying Things We Wish People Would Stop Doing In Public

Enough, already.

We're all a little distracted nowadays, whether we're chatting on our phones, scrolling through Facebook or shooting a Snapchat video. While technology has certainly made some things easier, we can't help but wonder if it's made us all a little more ... rude. We've asked our Huff/Post50 Facebook friends about the polite things people just don't seem to do anymore and now we decided to ask them about strangers' habits that drive them up the wall. Here are the annoying things they wish people would stop doing in public.

1. Talking on your cell phone in the checkout line.

"Seriously people, that cashier deserves your attention and respect. It's extremely rude to stand and pantomime instead of talking to them. Get off the phone!" -- Terri McColley Schmitz 

2. Not minding your children ... (because you're on your phone). 

"People that continue to shop while their child throws a tantrum or screams all over the freaking store. take em home already, I don't want to hear that." -- Dianna Francis

3. Having personal conversations out loud. 

 Hear, hear!

"Talking on their phones at the gym on the treadmill or in the doctor's waiting room where we can hear everything... then they hang up and act like nothing happened when we just heard their whole life story!" -- Jennifer Mohn Haley

4. Carrying oversized backpacks/handbags. 

This is as bad as manspreading ...

"Giant backpacks who end up clobbering everybody on the subway and taking up the room of multiple people." -- Donald MacMelville

5. Texting while driving ... or at a red light.

 Just don't. No text is that important.

"It's dangerous. Yes, I know it's illegal in most states… But that does not in anyway stop people from doing it." -- Andrea Duran

6. Letting your dog take nature's call and not picking it up. 

Not appreciated. 

"Dog owners at the off-leash dog park who are so busy talking on their phones that they do not pay attention to their dogs and/or clean up the solid waste the dog leaves for all of us to step in." -- Jon C. Martin

7. Parents not paying attention to their kids.

"Parents who ignore their children in favor of their phone don't know what being a parent means." -- Lois Rubin Gross

8. Blowing your nose at a restaurant table. 

"Soooo gross! puts me off my meal!" -- Linda Renaud

9. Using your phone in a public bathroom. 

We pity the person on the other end.

"What is up with that? Disgusting." -- Lisa Mario

10. Coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth.


"I still can't believe people still don't do this." -- Carole Kirby

Rant over. 



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